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Statistics dictate 60% of the UK’s population do not have a Will and therefore, have not done the necessary IHT tax planning etc.

That’s over 30 Million UK citizens wishes, that are not going to happen!

  • Millions of £££’s will be lost due to avoidable Tax’s & fees (£5 Billion IHT alone collected 2017-2018)
  • Tens of Thousands of homes will be lost to Creditors, Care Home Fees, Divorce and Sideways disinheritance.
  • Thousands of unmarried partners will be disadvantaged by not receiving their entitlement.
  • Far too many children will be dependent on Social Services choosing their Guardian.

All this could easily be avoided, by you simply referring a client to us and in return we will professionally handle all their Estate Planning needs and keep you updated along the way, and you will also receive a competitive commission upon completion.

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