Big increase in people considering their digital legacy when making a will.

Recently digital assets have become fundamental to many of our lives, just consider how much information is stored on your Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet.

Like it or loathe it we all live in a digital age, so we need to plan for it appropriately. Digital assets can include a vast amount of different information including sentimental items such as digital photos/videos to highly private information like passwords, important emails, medical records and online investments.

In the world we live in today the internet/cloud holds a huge amount of information and data about us, and our families who may not even know this information exists need to manage all this date when we are gone, ensuring it is not lost forever.

When making a Will we always discuss this matter with our clients and ask them to make a detailed inventory of their digital assets that may include Cloud Files, Shopping Accounts, Online Identities, On-line Savings Accounts, Cryptocurrencies, Social Media Accounts etc.

These digital items are just as important as traditional non-virtual assets but could easily be lost forever without the necessary planning.


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