Why make a Will?

Well, surely everyone wants to decide for themselves who benefits from all they’ve worked for, and who will take care of their children should they be aged 18 or under when they die?

If you don’t make a Will, then you die ‘intestate’ which means it’s decided for you, and in the case of children, who wants Social Services to decide who looks after your kids, including placing them in care….or at worst, for adoption?

A Will is one of the single most important documents you will ever complete, and as such you need professional advice to ensure it’s completed correctly, and protects you and your estate from the threat of attack from divorce or separation, inheritance tax, care home costs, creditors or bankruptcy, or marriage after death.

Without a Will, you cannot be sure those you wish to benefit would do so. Your spouse/civil partner may not receive ALL of your estate. Common Law partners may receive nothing. There could be lengthy delays for your beneficiaries, and disputes. You cannot prevent certain family members from benefiting. You will not be able to leave something to friends, colleagues, or charities, which fall outside the Rules of Intestacy.

Making a Will is the only way to have your voice heard, after you’re no longer here!


  • The 5 Threats

    All the best financial planning in the world can fall apart without an appropriate Estate Planning and Asset Protection strategy in place. Addressing this ensures your affairs are handled swiftly, appropriately, and tax efficiently.

    We will discuss with you and consider the appropriate actions required to protect your Estate from the five most common threats.

    • Inheritance Tax
    • Re-marriage after first death
    • Divorce
    • Creditors / Bankruptcy
    • Long Term Care Costs

    So whether you need a simple Will, advice on protecting your home from Care Costs, or have more complex issues, including mitigating Inheritance Tax, we can provide you with the perfect solution at Finance North Estate Planning Services.

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